Why Choose JDI

Benefits of joining the JDI team

Are you interested in starting a business in the commercial cleaning industry? Are you tired of answering to someone else and not getting ahead in your job? Now is the time to consider the freedom of owning your own business in the booming commercial cleaning services industry.

As a JDI franchisee you can invest in a program that is best suited to you and then provides you with all the systems, support services, training and professional advice you need to be successful.

JDI is recognized as a leader in the commercial cleaning industry, with system wide sales in the millions of dollars our franchisees deliver the best in service to our varied commercial clients. Commercial cleaning is growing at a record pace and JDI is ideally suited to take advantage of this growth.

“Instant credibility” is what you will get with investing in JDI’s 20 years of franchising and commercial cleaning experience. With thousands of satisfied customers you will have the backing of one of the best companies in the business.