The JDI Difference


JDI was created for those individuals who want to manage a growing company in the booming commercial cleaning services industry. JDI has a vision to share with you if you believe in yourself and are willing to devote the time and energy required to be a successful business owner.

The bottom line is clear, the people at JDI are dedicated to making their franchisees successful business people, not merely successful janitors. That is the major difference between cleaning- and cleaning up! Which appeals to you?

As a JDI franchisee you will benefit from the trends in the market that are leading many companies , government facilities and institutions to outsource their commercial cleaning. This means expanded opportunities for the cleaning industry as well as ongoing growth for our franchisees.


A Systemized Approach to Success

JDI Cleaning Systems is a 100% Canadian owned and operated. What this means to you is that decisions are made with a uniquely local view and one that reflects the business climate in Canada. Our company is based on working with and for Canadians. JDI is truly a Canadian success story that we would like to share with you.

The owners of JDI have spent the last 20 years developing the franchise system so you will not have to waste your time or money learning the business the hard way!

Our proven management system and concept was designed to get you trained and started quickly and keep you there profitably. With JDI you will always be in control of your business and at the same time have the assistance and expertise of the JDI staff to keep you on track.


Clean Alongside Professionals (CAP) MANAGEMENT PROGRAM

JDI has developed a unique Six Point Management System called the CAP Management Program. This program allows you to grow your business by addressing the six key elements to business success-Sales, Service, Accounting, Personnel, Mission and CleanGreen. You will benefit from the CAP program immediately as it is covered in your initial training program.


As a JDI franchisee you will benefit from programs that can reduce your costs for such things as cleaning supplies, janitorial equipment, uniforms, insurance and professional services. Our franchisees enjoy strength in numbers when it comes to running their business profitably.


Networking allows JDI franchisees to pool resources to tackle cleaning jobs they could not handle alone. Many of our franchisees work together on large construction projects or carpet cleaning and floor stripping and waxing jobs. This teamwork allows our franchise owners to expand their business experience and grow their individual cleaning services.


As a JDI franchisee you will benefit from an industry leading training program. JDI franchisees receive some of the most comprehensive training in the industry today, covering such topics as management and sales techniques, cost effective and efficient cleaning methods, green cleaning training, payroll and accounting management and customer and employee relations.


It is clear to the owners of JDI that dedicated; motivated franchisees make all the difference in the world in franchise success. It requires constant communication for people to achieve great results. That is why JDI schedules regular consultation reviews to evaluate our franchisees progress. When you succeed, the entire JDI system succeeds.


At JDI our unique Contract Acquisition Program allows you to expand your business easily and with minimum of costs. Firstly, you can acquire contracts from JDI by paying a finders’ fee that can be financed over time. This means you can generate income and spread out your payments. Secondly, for customers that you find on your own, JDI will assist you in quoting and preparing quotations for your potential clients. JDI gives you two easy ways to expand your business at the pace you want and with the flexibility to choose the method.


CleanGreen has been designed to help our franchise owners comply with the ever complex world of green cleaning. By adhering to the initiatives of LEED Canada we are helping our customers comply with their building certification. By basing our program on LEED Canada guidelines we are on the cutting edge of compliance for not only the present but also the future.