There are two ways to reap the benefits of the JDI franchise program. You could join as a Master Franchisee – with your own territory – and have local franchisees working for you. Or you could come on board as a local franchisee that actually performs the cleaning for our clients. Both are solid opportunities for serious entrepreneurs.

Some start as a local franchisee and eventually purchase a Master Franchise; others start as a Master Franchisee right away and get on the “fast track” to business growth. It really depends on your income goals, management ability and aspirations.

Below are the two opportunities in brief form:

Master Franchise Program

For Marketing and Sales Professionals

JDI began offering Master Franchises in 1995, and from that point onward, our regional offices have continued to grow. The program generally appeals to marketing and sales professionals looking for an executive franchise opportunity, but even those with little sales experience can be very successful if they follow our proven program.

The JDI program is based on an area development model. The Master acts as the regional franchisor in their exclusive market, and deals with the head office on a one-to-one basis. Our Masters operate in professional business environments during regular business hours. They help interested entrepreneurs buy a Local Franchise, and direct them once they join the group. They also help the local franchisees by securing commercial cleaning contracts in their areas.

JDI Master Franchisors:

    • Establish regional offices and recruit individual JDI Local Franchises in their areas
    • Train and mentor their Local Franchisees
    • Market and secure commercial cleaning contracts and services for their local franchisees

The initial investment varies depending on the contract package chosen.Typical investments start from $50,000.

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Local Franchise Program

For service oriented individuals

Enjoy the freedom of becoming your own boss with a JDI professional service business. With low start up costs, you could be running your own JDI Cleaning Systems commercial cleaning franchise very soon and even include your family members on the payroll. JDI’s “Quick Start Contract Program” will guarantee you income from cleaning contracts to help get your business started right out of the gate.

Our extensive training program keeps you up and running efficiently, and our management support centre backs you up with professional advice and services.

Look to JDI to provide you with:

      • Business support
      • Technical training and advice
      • Full marketing support
      • A proven partnership that works

The commercial cleaning industry is growing at a rapid pace and you could take advantage of it by starting a JDI Cleaning Systems Commercial Cleaning Franchise today.

The initial investment varies depending on the contract package chosen. Typical investments start from $10,500.
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